Art Route 67 was named in honour of the 67 years that Nelson Mandela contributed to South African politics and the struggle to eradicate apartheid.

It is just a 10 minutes from our guesthouse to Central; a culture-rich suburb in Port Elizabeth. The route is one of the most exciting displays to hit the South African inner-city developments.

With it being so close to our bed and breakfast, it allows art-loving guests to experience all versions of art without traveling too far from their guest house accommodation.

Visual arts, urban design and heritage assets have been combined into one experience which is aimed at merging all segments of the formerly divided art community. This route aims to exhibit the creative and artistic magic that still exists in the post-apartheid era.

There are many stops along this route one being the Donkin Reserve. Here you can take a walk down to the old lighthouse where you will also find the headquarters of Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism.  You will find yourself surrounded by a mix of exquisite well-maintained old Victorian churches, which have recently been newly renovated.

Because our B & B is well situated Donkin Street can be easily accessed using the highway. The street displays many beautifully terraced cottages, a lighthouse that once was the trusted guide to ships entering Algoa Bay, and a large pyramid which was built by Sir Rufane Donkin a former governor in memory of his deceased wife.

These landmarks have been major highlights to the suburb. Recently there have been a number of newly added contemporary elements to the reserve.

One new piece that has been added is a large metal cut-out resembling our former president Nelson Mandela. This piece displays an inspiring image of fist raised Mandela in triumph, leading a line of South Africans as they vote peacefully on 27 April 1994.

There are sheltered booths of sea-blue hues scattered across the lawns of the Donkin Reserve, all in the shape of ship sails. To show off the famous winds of Port Elizabeth a massive set of silver pipes have been set up in order to catch the winds and turn them into surreal tunes that play melodies of cultural richness and creativity.

Another piece to the route can be found just across the road from the chic Edward Hotel, it is a modern statue of a female holding a chair. This piece is open for interpretation by any passer-by. It is a very powerful piece which pays tribute to the women who have contributed to Port Elizabeth’s growth over the years. It was created by the well-known artist Anton Momberg.

One of the most remarkable elements of Route 67 is the collection of 67 art pieces which commemorate the 67 years Nelson Mandela devoted to public life. The celebratory display is the mosaic designs done at the base of the pyramid.

Art Route 67 was designed as an important tourism hub for the city. It allows tourists and the people of the city to pay respect to Port Elizabeth’s heritage, culture and arts.

A walk down some steps which have been painted with vibrant colours allows you to view past posted artworks, which further explain the South African story.

Looking back up at the lighthouse from the bottom of the stairs, you will see a wall filled with more unbelievably finished figures of taxi passengers, newspaper vendors and jazz trumpeters.

The Donkin Reserve is truly one of Port Elizabeth's most iconic attractions and it holds plenty of history. Route 67 is definitely a highlight on the list of must visits in Port Elizabeth.